Col (Res) Grisha Yakabovich

List of Offerings


A. Gaza, West Bank and What’s in Between

  • Economy and Sanctions, Reconciliation of PA and Hamas government (Economy and Sanctions), Security Issues
  • The International Players

B. The Palestinian War of Narratives
C. Is a Peace Agreement Possible? (The Palestinian/Israeli Negotiation mindsets)
D. The Story of The Gaza Strip, a 360 Degree View of the security issues, civil issues, and life in the Gaza and the challenges it poses to the relative players.

  • The International Community and the Gaza Strip (ICRC, UNRWA, UN)
  • Infrastructure and Challenges (Energy, water and sewage: A Catch 22 Crisis)
  • Politics and Society (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Salafia, ISIS and PA and Palestinian Refugees)
  • Egypt and Gaza
  • Economy
  • Security Issues (Tunnel Economy and Hamas’s Budget and Impact of Israeli Operations)

E. Humanitarian Aid in Operation Defensive Edge
F. Understanding The West Bank

  • What are the Borders? (Security Fence, Checkpoints, Crossings, Jordan Valley and Areas A,B,C and D)
  • Infrastructure of the West Bank (Electricity, water, Energy, Sewage, and who pays for it and environmental issues)
  • Civil and security coordination (relations between Israel and PA)
  • Settlements (Strategy, ideology, and infrastructure)
  • Economy and Boycott Divestment Sanctions
  • Future Arrangements (Jordan, Israel and the PA)
  • Possible Initiatives (A Fugitive Palestinian State, The Future Palestinian Economy)
  • International Community the West Bank

Professional Field Tours

Specific and tailored tours can be built using any of the options presented in order to QUARTER-, HALF-, full- and TWO-day tours.

The Gaza Envelope

  • Ad Halom Bridge and Hill 69 (45 min)
  • Netiv HaAsara (30 min)
  • Erez Crossing (15 min)
  • Assaf Sibony Observation Site (30 min) (Main Lecture part 1)
  • Black Arrow Memorial Site (45 min) (Main Lecture part 2)
  • Old Berot Itzik (30 min)
  • Kerem Shalom Border Crossing (1 hour)
  • Tour of Hamas Tunnel (45 min)

Additional Options:

  • Meeting with Palestinian Merchant from Gaza (30 min)
  • Tour of Sderot (90 min)
  • Meeting with residents of Kibbutzim surrounding Gaza
  • Desalination Plant in Ashkelon

2. Challenges of The Security Barrier around Jerusalem and Satellite Neighborhoods

  • Gilo Observation Point onto the area of Beit Jala
  • Har Homa, the southern border of Jerusalem and the prospects of territorial agreement in Jerusalem
  • Nof Zion, the eastern border and as overlook on the Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem
  • The Abu Dis Security Fence, and the impact of the security barrier on East Jerusalemites
  • Mount of Olives, the “Historic Basin” and possible solutions for the Peace Agreement
  • Mount Scopus Overlook, the E1 Master Plan and the “Eastern Front”
  • Shuafat Refugee Camp, the new “no man’s land: of the Jerusalem envelope

Shomron Tour 1 – Israel’s Narrow Body

  • Alfei Menashe (1 hour)
  • Inside Qalqilya (Meet with PA official) (2 hours)
  • Palestinian Agricultural Nursery (Area C (1 hour)
  • Pedestrian Crossing (Eyal) (45 min)
  • Observation Point and lecture about Tulkarem. How the security fence supports the economy.

Shomron Tour 2 (Shared Existence of the Future)

  • Lecture and orientation in Peduel
  • Shomron Regional Council (presentation from Council Leaders)
  • Visit a factory in Area C where Palestinian and Israelis work side by side
  • Palestinian Green House in Area C
  • Tour of Rawabi (Planned Palestinian City)

Optional Add-ons

  • Breakfast at Palestinian Green House

Balances in Building the Security Fence

  • Latrun (Yad L’Shirion Tank Museum) and drive road 443
  • Observation and lecture in Neve Samuel
  • Kalandia Crossing
  • Mount Scopus

The Politics of Water (Professional Day)

  • Understanding Urban Sewage in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria (90 Min)
  • Hadera Desalination Plant tour and field Training
  • Presentation from CEO of Facility Operations at Desalination Plant
  • Travel to Tel Aviv and hear Oded Fixler present on Red Sea Dead Sea Project, Water Authority
  • Presentation on “Water Politics” Israel-PA relations in the field of water