Since concluding his military career at the rank of Colonel, Grisha Yacoubovich (I.D.F. Res.), has rapidly emerged as the expert of choice sought out by the international community on policy matters pertaining to the Israel-Palestinian dynamic.

Yacoubovich’s ability to distill and assess areas of cooperation, or lack thereof, opportunity and failure, between Israelis and Palestinians, and between the various factions of the Palestinian leadership, results from his first-hand command experience in the field, forged over a career lasting 30 years, as well as his experience in the private sector, his capacity as consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence and his continued service as an active reservist, commanding a reserve unit assigned to the southern command.

Yacoubovich is recognized as the beholder of unique, ongoing insight into the areas of negotiations, defense, infrastructure, economy and power struggles, and is uniquely qualified to appraise current events and likely outcomes.

His lectures, tailored, on-location seminars and briefings are regularly requested by inbound delegations to Israel comprised of individuals as esteemed as:

● Members of the United States Congress

● Members of the European Parliament

● State Governors

● Law enforcement Agencies

● Elite student delegations

● Religious congregational leaders

● Academics

Yacoubovich is equally adept at assessing matters through the prisms of Jerusalem, Ramallah or the Gaza Strip.

Mr. Yacoubovich is also in frequent demand as a keynote lecturer and analyst overseas, having briefed specialist audiences in:
● Brussels

● France

● The U.K.

● Germany

● Austria

● The Netherlands

● The United States of America

He regularly features within the international and Israeli media, acting as commentator to outlets including:
● The B.B.C. (U.K.)

● C.N.N. (U.S.)

● Die Welt (Germany)

● Ynet News (Israel)

● I-24 News (Israel)

● Russian Media

Yacoubovich has rightly earned a reputation as one of the most informed and qualified voices from whom policy focused audiences must hear as they assess and affix their strategic outlook on the middle east.